Catch up ⌚ With just a few weeks left to hit our goal, now is the time to catch up.

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Dear supporter,

We are behind our $100,000 fundraising goal during our crucial Spring Membership drive that is currently underway. With eight days left to hit our goal, now is the time to catch up.

National Organization for Marriage - Spring Membership Drive 2023

Thanks to some faithful supporters, a $100,000 matching gift fund has been created to encourage NOM supporters to help. For every donation we receive, an equal amount will be released from the fund, thus doubling the impact of every gift.

Will you make a generous donation today to help knowing that whatever amount you give will be DOUBLED thanks to the matching gift fund that has been created?

Even better, if you become a new monthly donor, the amount of your monthly gift will be matched twelve times over!


$25 becomes $50
$50 becomes $100
$100 becomes $200
$250 becomes $500
$500 becomes $1,000
$1,000 or more becomes $2,000 or more!


$10 / mo. becomes $240
$15 / mo. becomes $360
$25 / mo. becomes $600
$50 / mo. becomes $1,200
$100 / mo. becomes $2,400
$200 / mo. or more becomes $4,800 or more!

We need every NOM supporter to step up to help so that we can catch up and reach our fundraising goal. We desperately need these funds to continue to fight for the issues we all care so much about.

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✔️ one-time match eligible       ✔️monthly match eligible


Whether you make a one-time donation or become a new monthly donor, your gift is eligible to be matched. Please act today. All donations are tax-deductible and will be matched.

One-Time Donation DOUBLES
Monthly Donation Matched TWELVE Times

Thank you for everything you do to support NOM. Your financial help during this Spring Membership Drive will be much appreciated.


Brian S. Brown

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