Oppose the Transgender Bill of ‘Wrongs’

H. Res 269 / S. Res 144

Dear Members of Congress:

Proposals are pending in Congress calling for the federal government to enact what is euphemistically called by supporters the “Transgender Bill of Rights.” In reality, this is a “Transgender Bill of Wrongs” because it enshrines a radical, extremist agenda into federal law that attacks women, undermines equal rights, and puts a target on the back of people of faith.

I am writing to demand that you oppose H.Res 269 and S.Res 144 respectively.

These Congressional actions, sponsored by homosexual and transgender lobby groups, represent radical, sweeping legislation calling on the federal government to make profoundly damaging changes in numerous areas of federal law including public accommodations, education, health care, civil rights, employment, credit, and many other areas of law.

The resolutions demand that the federal government no longer recognize the biological reality of gender but instead declare that a person’s gender is based on his or her “gender identity” and/or sexual orientation.

This means that women who have fought for decades for equal rights will no longer be a distinct and respected class of people in America. Instead, any male who asserts a female gender identity will be considered under the law a full and distinct woman. He will be able to compete against women in athletics. He will have access to intimate areas reserved for women, including sex-segregated facilities such as showers and locker rooms. He will be able to demand admittance to secure domestic violence shelters intended to protect women from abusive men. And he will even be able to share a cell with a biological woman incarcerated in jails and prisons.

The consequences of these policies are obvious and well-documented.

Those who object to this absurdity will face extraordinary punishments under federal law, including lawsuits, legal complaints, and reputational ruin.

On top of all that, the legislation also calls for the codification of Roe v Wade on a national basis, thus once again imposing abortion on the nation and ending debate on this most contentious subject.

I call on you to reject these resolutions – the Transgender Bill Of Wrongs – and prevent them from being adopted by the Congress of the United States.

out of 20,000
Robert R.
Paul P.
Joseph H.


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