two important things There are two very important things I want to cover today.

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Brian S. Brown, President, National Organization for Marriage

Dear supporter,

There are two very important things I want to cover today.

First, our nationwide petition effort to defeat legislation that would impose major elements of the destructive transgender and LGBT agenda on the nation – we call it the Transgender Bill of Wrongs – is off to a great start.

Nearly three thousand people have signed the petition so far, but we need to step up the effort and engage more Americans while we can to oppose this legislative attempt by radical leftists.

Defeat the Transgender Bill of 'Wrongs'

Please sign the petition if you haven’t already, and then share it with all your friends and family members using the buttons below.

The second important thing relates to the first, and that is the state of our finances during this critically important 2023 Spring Membership Drive that is coming to an end in just nine days.

Our ability to fight for the issues and values we both cherish is directly tied to the health of our finances. A $100,000 matching gift fund was created some time back to encourage everyone to give. Every donation we receive triggers the release of an equal amount of matching funds, and new monthly donors generate a match of their monthly pledge for an entire year.

With just nine days left in the drive, we are only 25% toward our goal and are at serious risk of losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in matching funds. That would be a true disaster for us, and jeopardize our ability to continue all that we are doing.

That’s why I am asking every NOM supporter to help us with a generous emergency donation today.

One-Time Donation

⋙ $35 becomes $70

⋙ $50 becomes $100

⋙ $100 becomes $200

⋙ $250 becomes $500

⋙ $500 becomes $1,000

⋙ $1,000 becomes $2,000

Become a Monthly Donor

⋙ $10/mo. becomes $240

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⋙ $25/mo. becomes $600

⋙ $50/mo. becomes $1,200

⋙ $100/mo. becomes $2,400

⋙ $250/mo. becomes $6,000

The latest threat that we are battling with the “Transgender Bill of Wrongs” is an example of why it’s critical that we have funds available from a successful Spring Membership Drive.

The legislation that LGBT extremists and the transgender lobby are pushing attacks women, undermines equal rights, puts a target on the back of people of faith and ruins lives.

It calls on the federal government to make profoundly damaging changes in numerous areas of federal law including public accommodations, education, health care, civil rights, employment, credit and many other areas of law.

This new attack on our values and beliefs is serious and picking up steam. Already over 100 Members of Congress have co-sponsored the Transgender Bill Of Wrongs.

Even as we battle hard to engage more Americans to oppose this radical legislation, we also must work overtime to make sure that we hit our $100,000 fundraising goal during the Spring Membership Drive.

We are WAY behind right now and only have nine days to catch up.  Even if you have already donated to NOM this year, please help us out now with an emergency gift while the matching fund is available. All donations are tax deductible.

Make A One-Time Donation
Become A Monthly Donor

Thank you for whatever you can do to help us defeat the Transgender Bill of Wrongs, and to ensure that we have the financial resources needed to continue our important work on behalf of the values we all hold dear.


Brian S. Brown, President, National Organization for Marriage

Brian S. Brown