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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin dooms his career by signing same-sex marriage bill

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, a Republican who campaigned as a born-again Christian, has sparked surprise and controversy with the signing of a same-sex marriage bill that is a treacherous contradiction of conservative values. Youngkin’s decision came unexpectedly, considering that he’d previously voiced the redundancy of such legislation, as Virginia already protects marriage, including same-sex marriage.

While the legislation offers religious freedom protections for pastors, it does nothing to shield a broad spectrum of everyday professionals from potential legal challenges tied to their personal beliefs. It doesn’t safeguard workers who decline participation in LGBT pride events or parents opposed to their children’s exposure to radical LGBTQ+ curricula. The most profound critique rests in the notion that Governor Youngkin has set a precedent for Republican capitulation to the demands of LGBTQ+ lobbyists.

Beyond this, conservatives are decrying the legislation’s implication that sex and gender are distinct, with vast potential repercussions for girls’ sports, personal privacy, public restrooms, and education.

The signing of the bill suggests that some Republicans believe conceding ground on marriage will demonstrate their tolerance. However, experience shows that a single capitulation won’t be enough to satisfy the unappeasable mob demanding full LGBTQ+ rights recognition.

Governor Youngkin’s actions have sparked questions about his integrity, as the move contradicts his previous stance on marriage and parental rights, leaving conservatives feeling betrayed. The situation underscores the difficulty the Republican Party faces in navigating this fraught social issue, amid growing pressure to toe the LGBTQ+ line or risk political consequences.