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Dog identity

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 04:55 pm

In 2015 a slim majority of the US Supreme Court decided to accede to the demands of LGBT activists and imposed gay ‘marriage’ on the nation. They did this despite the fact that over 51 million voters in thirty-five states specifically rejected same-sex marriage and constitutionalized traditional marriage in their states.

The Supreme Court’s marriage decision was purely a political act, utterly devoid of constitutional basis or authority. Chief Justice John Roberts noted at the time, “The majority’s decision is an act of will, not legal judg­ment. The right it announces has no basis in the Consti­tution or this Court’s precedent.”

In imposing gay ‘marriage,’ the Supreme Court invented a constitutional right for persons “to define and express their identity.” Immediately, the breadth and scope of such a concept raised alarm bells.

Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in his dissenting opinion that the concept is one that might be contained in a fortune cookie, sarcastically noting that if he ever articulated such a sentiment in a legal opinion, “I would hide my head in a bag.”

Having been invented as a constitutional “right,” many people correctly asked what principal would prevent marriage from being further redefined such that it would become completely unrecognizable. Why limit marriage to two people? Why not three, or four, or eight? Why not marry your sibling, or several of them?

And what of people whose personal identity is defined in unconventional ways? Could a person marry an inanimate object? A pet?

All of these questions were dismissed and mocked by LGBT radicals and their allies on the left. Then NOM reminded them of the “marriage” of Jodi Rose.

Ms. Rose, an Australian woman, fell in love with…a bridge. She spent hours with the bridge, feeling its vibrations and felt “at peace with his strong embrace.” After a period of “courtship” she decided to marry the bridge, which she did in the presence of friends while wearing a vintage wedding gown in a ceremony fully endorsed by the town’s mayor. She gushed to a reporter covering the ceremony, “I am devoted to him.”

Six years later, Jodi says she’s still married to the bridge. She has even taken its last name, and now goes by Jodi Diable (to honor the Le Pont du Diable Bridge).

The incessant effort of LGBT activists to destroy marriage is a critical reason why NOM has launched The NOT Campaign. This ground-breaking campaign will aggressively and forcefully push back against the left’s destructive marriage narrative, and address other critical issues as well.

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Sadly, the concept of deferring to personal identity as an arbiter of truth has not been limited to marriage but has expanded ferociously to gender.

LGBT activists quickly turned their focus to gender, insisting that gender is not determined by biology but by “identity.” Naturally, the political left led by tech companies like Facebook worked overtime to lead the gender identity parade.

Facebook declared a few years ago that there are 58 genders as expressed by gender identities. Not to be undone, this year an LGBT activist organization now insists that there are 107 genders (based on “identity”).

Make that 108.

An LGBT organization that calls itself “Canine Beings” last week rallied an estimated 1,000 individuals in Berlin, Germany demanding the right to identify as dogs and not as humans. The mostly gay male fetishists showed up wearing dog masks and costumes, literally barking and howling for their “right” to be dogs.

Next thing you know, there will be gay dog marriages. After all, the Supreme Court has already declared a right “to define and express [one’s] identity.”

Obviously, the idea of women marrying a bridge, people changing genders and men identifying as dogs are prime examples of insane behavior and previously unimaginable social decay. But don’t laugh, because the LGBT radicals pushing these narratives are deadly serious about redefining virtually every societal norm you can think of.

NOM cannot sit idly by any longer and watch LGBT radicals spin a narrative about marriage, life and gender that is simply insane. That is why we have launched The NOT Campaign.

The NOT Campaign will aggressively, forcefully and frontally challenge the lies of the LGBT lobby and their allies while reasserting the truth of our beliefs. Our campaign messaging will be carried out on highway and roadway billboards across America, and through digital advertising on prominent online sites.

This campaign is a critically important effort to reclaim the narrative on marriage, life and gender. We are excited to be moving forward with this effort, but thus far have only raised enough funds for a small number of billboards to be erected. We urgently must expand the size and scope of our effort.

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Just think about how far society has decayed since LGBT radicals first started agitating to redefine marriage. NOM has led the effort to fight back – challenging them in the courts, legislatures, Congress and at the ballot box.

Now it is essential that we challenge their narratives in the court of public opinion.

The campaign we have created is difficult and expensive, because easy and cheap is no match for the destructive power of LGBT lies. The issues we care about – especially marriage, life and gender – are too important to let them be captured by a political narrative pushed by LGBT radicals and embraced by the media, corporate giants, politicians and government officials.

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