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CBS News promotes gay surrogacy in new video

CBS News is facing criticism for publishing a video that celebrates two homosexual men meeting their adopted daughter for the first time in a hospital. The video, originally from 2017, resurfaced recently, drawing renewed backlash. The video promotes an unhealthy situation where a child is separated from her biological parents and placed with two men in a homosexual relationship.

Katy Faust, founder of the pro-child group Them Before Us, expressed concerns about the future negative effects on the child. She pointed out that the adopted daughter may struggle with identity issues, experience heightened stress due to the separation from her genetic mother, and be deprived of the daily maternal presence that is crucial for her development. Faust also highlighted statistical evidence showing that children raised by unrelated, unvetted men face an increased risk of abuse.

Others, such as Blaze commentator Lauren Chen and Catholic commentator Liz Wheeler, criticized the video for the absence of the birth mother and the emotional impact on the child. Chen expressed sadness for the birth mother who has just given birth and is without her newborn, while Wheeler described the situation as heartbreaking and highlighted the separation of the child from her mother.

The focus should not be on whether same-sex couples can be good parents, but rather on the fact that a man cannot be a mother and a woman cannot be a father. Children need both the maternal attention and affection provided by mothers and the paternal influence provided by fathers, and no amount of LGBT propaganda can change this.